The Approach

Join former network and studio president, film and TV producer, Co-Executive Producer of the multiple Academy Award-winning Best Picture CRASH and UCLA Graduate School Teacher TOM NUNAN for our intensives. Here's the big difference - unlike a class where you meet weekly and then are left alone, you will have ONE-ON-ONE PHONE CALLS, 3 CALLS/WEEK, to brainstorm, problem-solve and stay on track so that you're never behind and never alone.  This method mirrors what HBO, NETFLIX, FX, DISNEY and any other studio or network does to bring out the best material from their writers and creators in film or TV. You’ll learn to work within the elite cable and studio system, whether you need to deliver a strong pilot or feature screenplay.  What's amazing is this secret:  it's also the easiest, smoothest and most productive way to write.

7-Week 1 hr Pilot Intensive

The 1-hour Pilot Intensive where you go from CONCEPT to PILOT in 7 weeks.

6-Week 1/2 hr Pilot Intensive

The 30-minute Pilot Intensive where you go from CONCEPT to PILOT in 6 weeks.

10-Week Feature Intensive

The Feature Intensive where you go from CONCEPT to SCREENPLAY in 10 weeks. 

4-Week Web Series Intensive

The Web Series Intensive where you develop a viable concept, characters, outline for Season One, and write the first 3 Episodes in 4 weeks.